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tv   Call- In for Debate Reaction  CSPAN  October 23, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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for america. i want to build on our strengths. i have put forward a plan to make sure that we will bring manufacturing jobs back to our shores. by rewarding companies and small businesses investing here, not overseas. i want to make sure we have the best education system in the world. retaining our workers -- re training our workers to the jobs of tomorrow. i want to develop oil and natural gas and energy sources of the future. i want to reduce our deficit by cutting spending we do not need but also by asking to do morei y cutting spending we do not need but also by asking to do more so we can invest in things like research and technology that are the key to a 21st century economy. as commander in chief, i will maintain the strongest military in the world. and go after those who would do us harm. after a decade of war, i think
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we all recognize the have to do some nation-building. the building our roads, bridges, and especially caring for our veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedom. we have been through tough times. but we always bounce back because of our character. because be put -- pull together. if i had the privilege of being a president for another four years, i promise you i will fight for your families. i will work every single day to make sure that america continues to be the greatest nation on earth. thank you. >> bob, mr. president. good to be with you. i am optimistic about the future. i am excited about our prospects as a nation. i want to see peace. i want to see growing peace in this country. it is our objective. we have an opportunity to have real leadership. america will have that kind of leadership and will promote principles of peace that will make the world a safer place. and the people in this country more confident that their future is secure. i also want to make sure we get this economy going.
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there are two different paths the country can take 31 is represented by the president which bought at the end of four years would mean we would have $20 trillion in debt. i will get us on track to a balanced budget. the president's path will mean continuing declining in take- home pay. i want to make sure it starts to grow. the president's past means 20 million people out of work traveling for a good job theory -- job. i want to get people off of food stamps not by cutting the program but by getting them good jobs. america will come back. for that to happen, we will have to have a program -- president that can work across the aisle. i was in a state where my legislator was 87% democrat. i learned how to get along on the other side of the aisle. we have to do that in washington. washington is broken. i know what it takes to get this country back. we will work with democrats and republicans to do that. this nation is the hope of the earth.
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we have been blessed by having a nation that is free and prosperous, thanks to the contributions of the greatest generation that held a torch for the world to see. a torch of freedom and hope and opportunity. now it is our turn to take that porch. i am convinced we will do it. we need strong leadership. i would like to be that leader with your support. i will work with you and the view in an open and honest way. i ask for your vote. i would like to be the next president of the united states to help and support this next week in this great nation and to make sure we maintain america as the hope of the earth's protective so much. >> gentlemen, thank you so much. that brings an end to this year's debates in the want to thank lynn university and its students. i leave you with the words of my mom said, go vote. good night. >> thank you. >> thank you. [applause]
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[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> tonight's coverage of the third and final presidential debate. the candidates earlier this evening boca raton, florida.
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we want to use this next hour to get your reaction as we replay the debate in case you missed it. during our coverage, our phone lines are open. there is a line for those of you supporting our president and for those who are undecided. let's get right to your phone calls. tracy is joining us from st. petersburg, florida. caller: i want to say that i think our president has done a fantastic job and he is the best choice to move our country forward. host: why do you say that? caller: he has done everything that he has said he was going to do. oral was not built in a day. it will take him another four years to get this country back in shape. host: also joining us paula.
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caller: i have a comment about foreign policy. we have had more terrorist attacks since obama has taken office. obama leaked information and that is why one of our navy seals is dead. since obama has been president, there are allies in the middle east that do not like us. obama would not meet with israel's prime minister or with the un right after the crisis in libya and the middle east. he was too busy campaigning. host: thank you for the call. donald is an undecided voter joining us from south carolina. caller: after tonight, i have
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made my decision. president obama is the man for the job. host: why do you say that? caller: he has done practically what he really set out to do. the economy, i understand. he did not create the problem with this economy. he really has the economy back on track. he said he was going to go into afghanistan because that is where the people were hiding out. he went in there and got osama bin laden. tonight, i made my decision because i was looking at governor romney when he was talking and he really did not know what he was really talking about. you could tell he was trying to
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go by what he had been scripted to say. host: dennis, a supporter of the president. good evening. caller: i would like to say to america, please, wake up. let's get real. we are blaming the president. i would like ask the american people, if you had a company that you could take to china or south america and pay $2 per hour and you had to pay me $15 per hour, what would you do? these are the things you're blaming the president for. the private sector -- if you had a company that you could lay 15 people off, keep 10 people on the job, you are making money, you are making a profit, what
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would you do? stop blaming the president for all of this. host: you can join the conversation on our facebook page and weigh in on the question, "who won the debate?" this is a non-scientific survey, but 20,000 people saying the president won the debate compared to about 9004 mitt romney. we will get more of your reaction from the debate. on the twitter page, this is from david from cnn. host: next is a supporter of governor romney. patrick from california. go ahead, please. we will go to charles next, who is joining us from arkansas. go ahead, charles. caller: what is -- if people
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would listen to what is going on, they would see that romney is doing a lot of rambling. i really do not think that he knows what he is talking about. host: ben -- ahmed is joining us. are you still undecided? caller: i am leaning towards obama because he seems to be a strong leader. i was supporting romney before, and romney seems to be everywhere on every issue. host: george is on the phone from kansas. a supporter of governor romney. good evening. caller: how're you doing? i thought romney did a wonderful
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job and obama was all over the table. i support romney 100%. i hope he becomes our president. obama has not done anything that he said he was going to do. host: earlier tonight, jim, the campaign manager for the president, in a meeting with reporters, we carry it on our web site, here is a portion. >> you cannot have any clearer of a choice than you saw on this issue. the back-and-forth on the military budget, romney will regret that answer for a very long time. the president correctly informs you what the military budget is. we need a military for the future and that is what the president is building. >> you got the impression that he was on the offense tonight. i am just wondering about that.
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he interrupted the governor on several occasions. >> he can be the leader, the commander in chief. you saw that the president could be very strong tonight. strong and steady as the leadership has been the past four years. the difference between the two candidates could not have been clearer on that. he is right and the commander in chief and that is what the american public wants. they want their leaders to be strong. ronnie continues to change his positions on things, the unsteady, and he is wrong on iraq, afghanistan, and libya. tonight, the american public saw. >> how important is this for your race that nationally, you are losing? >> we have the advantage of 270 electoral votes. every single opportunity we can
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talk about the difference between these candidates is successful for us. if people understood what the president wants to do at home and his plan to move the country forward, which was explained in good detail tonight, but more importantly, we saw romney was trying to involve the president and looked really on steady. >> the romney campaign said that president obama seemed to be debating a challenger. do you think he is the underdog? >> tonight, you saw a debate about strength. romney was reckless and unsteady. that is what you saw tonight. when you deal in that kind of thing, you are in trouble in this kind of debate. they know that they are.
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host: jim mussina speaking to reporters earlier tonight. two weeks before the election. early voting under way in a number of key states. tomorrow, live coverage of the president and governor romney as barack obama campaigns in florida. his first appearance of the morning at 10:10 eastern time on c-span. later, live coverage of mitt romney and his running mate, paul ryan, in henderson, nevada. that campaign getting under way at 3:15 eastern. chris is on the phone from south carolina. good evening. you are undecided still? caller: i am undecided because i cannot understand how mitt romney can make millions. i cannot understand why the
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president -- they talk about all of these cuts. if they really cared about america, why don't they start cutting their own salaries? see just how hard it is when they have to pay for their own gas and groceries. host: who are you going to vote for? caller: i am going to vote for me because i would go about doing the job for free. host: we go to a lot -- to sam. go ahead. caller: for those of their who are undecided, i feel like if they feel like he did not have the right thing to say to them, he is the leader that we need to be able to bring us, as a
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nation, back together to a restoration mode. he could not fall in the trap of, tonight, in the debate, that i believe the president was setting for him. that was pretty much what i wanted to say. get out and vote, please. host: 80 walters joined us sunday on "washington journal." she had this tweet for us. referring to condoleezza rice. your reaction to the debate tonight. caller: i thought that it was a very good debate, personally. i remember the candidates talking about syria and how the
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situation is very touchy. they both agree that assange should be removed from power and another person should be put in that is pro-american. there are many instances in history where america has gone in and put our own leader in place of a bad one, which has created a lot of anti-american sentiment over the years. i want to remind people that it is not in the president's power to declare war and send troops overseas without consent from congress. i am a strong believer in that and i would like to see both candidates recognize that. i would also like to comment that romney mentioned we should turn our focus of china and look more towards latin america and the resources that they have. i am taking a course on the caribbean and am reading a book about an author who is very
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upset with european-north american countries coming inter country and exporting resources, leaving their country in a worse condition than when they entered. host: thank you for the call. from this livestream -- you can weigh in who won the debate on our facebook page, we have a supporter of governor romney from georgia. caller: i agree with mitt romney. the whole food stamps thing, i agree that more americans do need a job and need to stop
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living off the government. host: brandon from louisiana. undecided voters still tax caller: i am a big fan of obama's foreign policy. he is a genius with specific redeployment. bragging that he has made conditions more favorable for u.s. exporters when he has done that by destroying the value of the dollar is really offensive to me as an undecided voter. host: who are you going to vote for? caller: i am still not sure. i have not figured this one out yet. host: margaret joining us from alabama, a supporter of the president. caller: i think the president obama did an exceptional job on this debate. he is very concerned about the veterans and the people of the united states. he has a strong voice for us.
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it is what the people are wanting him to do and he has done a great job. mr. romney seems to be sending out potshots and trying to bad mouth the president instead of concentrating on the issues and doing what is best for the nation. host: a lot of snapshot polls on who won and who lost the debate, including this from cnn. sam feist tweeted this -- melissa is on the phone from houston. good evening. caller: i want to make a comment about president obama and the fact that he did keep a campaign
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promise. that promise was that change would take place. however, he did not bring forth good change in this country. myself and my husband both had amazing jobs prior to him coming into office which we both lost. he bailed out the banks and said that that would trickle-down and help. that never took place. any program that he set forth that was supposed to reach out and help others, it did not. there was always an exception and there are many that i know who are losing homes who are middle-class americans who have worked hard, paid their taxes, paid their dues, and bought into the idea of change. that change is a horrible change and our country, if he stays as president, will continue to see abortions rising, health care diminished to the point where seniors are
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not taking care of, and more and more people will be financially devastated by this president. host: this election comes down to what, from your standpoint? caller: this election comes down to integrity and honor. are they polish politicians who can speak very eloquently when the cameras are on or do they actually stand up and do what they said they were going to do? host: filip is on the phone from california. good morning. good evening to you, i should say. caller: good evening to you. i was undecided but i made up my mind. listening to and following these debates and doing a little fact- finding and hearing the truth. romney is not in the position to
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run this country. i have heard too many lies that have come out of his mouth. i have to go with obama. a lot of this man's programs he tried to a put forth because they wanted to make him a one- term president. host: the senior adviser and former chair of the republican national committee and george w. bush on the trail for mitt romney. he spoke to reporters earlier tonight. >> i think they would see some clear differences, especially when it comes to israel, national security, the reckless and arbitrary budget cuts that president obama is proposing -- the governor romney is proposed
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-- is calling for when it comes to israel and ratcheting up sanctions on iran. they saw very clear differences. they saw from governor romney an agenda to not have this be subject to events around the world. i think they saw from president obama a failure to defend his own policies and inability to lay out policies for the future. that is what the american people are looking for, where are you going to take this? governor romney laid that out tonight. >> two weeks left. where are you going to go starting in the morning? >> we have momentum coming out of this debate as we had in the first two debates. we will go into a continued discussion about our national security and foreign policy and the differences there. they go very much into discussion about the economy. there was some talk about that tonight because our economic strength, national strength,
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not international security is tied to that. governor romney will continue to highlight his plans for a real recovery, as will congressman ryan. we cannot afford four more years like the last four years when it comes to job creation, our debt, health care, or our national security. >> the president seemed to be debating as an underdog. >> i think it is going to be very close. i did see a lot of commentary that obama did seem to be in his role or approach, acting as a challenger who was behind. we know this is going to be a close contest. i talked to you a couple of weeks ago when things looked like they were going great for president obama. we have momentum with us clearly. great debate tonight on top of
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the previous two debates. this is going to be a close contest. i feel very good about where we are coming out of this last debate. host: a close contest being targeted in a number of key states, including colorado and ohio, which is where the candidates will be tomorrow. live coverage on c-span tomorrow as the president and vice president campaign in dayton, ohio. live coverage at 3:50 eastern time on c-span 2. governor romney and paul ryan together in colorado. coverage tomorrow evening just past 9:00 eastern time. nate silver puts it this way on our twitter page -- polls, including the latest wall
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street journal poll, showing this race at 47% apiece. back to your phone calls. malik joining us from philadelphia. caller: how're you doing? i am for obama because, when you hear romney talk, it sounds like a man with power. when someone is a man with power, that means it is about money and not the people. not everybody is rich and not everybody has millions of dollars. when it comes down to the people that need help, everybody else seems like they are at the bottom. i do not mean just a little bit of money -- host: thanks for the call. mary is on the phone from alaska.
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go ahead. caller: i am a great grandmother and i have watched obama in this past four years. our economy is not what it should be. we should not have soldiers in iraq, we should not have all of this situation going on. i believe we need a new face in washington. if we do not have a new face in washington, you are going to see bread lines like the depression in the 1920's. if you are going to see hurting people, starving people within the united states. i am going to vote for romney because i believe he is family- oriented, he is for the people. a lot of people are being deceived. it is wrong but i am praying that they will wake up. host: this comment on our twitter page -- many of you voting on the c-span
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facebook poll. the survey showing that the president won the debate over mitt romney. this is an unscientific survey. we are simply asking the question, who won the debate? starla is joining us, and undecided voter from ohio. who are you going to vote for? caller: i am going to vote for obama. host: what in the debate tonight changed your mind? caller: i was undecided because i supported obama in the beginning. republicans wrote off everything he tried to do. after seeing the debate tonight, romney is so inconsistent on so many things. he cannot be trusted. it is like he is just going for the presidential nomination just to be president. he is not the one we need to
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lead us in foreign affairs at all. he is ignorant to the fact. i think we are going to have to stick with obama. hopefully the recovery will work with them and we can get the plans he has implemented to work for our economy. host: kristol is joining us from alabama. caller: i am going to vote for governor romney. thanks to obama, i lost a whole year of college because he took the pell grant. they quit that because of obama. i will be a romney supporter. host: john has this on our twitter page. charlene is joining us from pennsylvania, a supporter of the president. good evening. caller: i am voting for obama.
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regardless of the election -- i have watched all three. what really strikes me is the 47% that he wants to leave behind. a lot of people are forgetting that. when you think about that, that is more than the middle class, the poor people, the ones who are trying to keep their homes and their jobs. that 47%, a lot more at stake than any other debate we have had in this campaign year. think about that 47% he was talking about. thank you for letting me have my comments. host: sheena is next, and undecided voter from alabama. go ahead. caller: i really would like to know what happened to all these
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-- i really would like to know what happened to all of these american soldiers who risked their lives for this country and then they come back and it is really hard for them to try to go through college or receive a higher education. host: ok. thanks for the call. at the huntsman, the daughter of former presidential candidate jon huntsman, sent this tweet out. join the conversation on our twitter page. we are collecting some comments from reporters waiting in on tonight. karen is on the phone from tennessee. caller: i am going to have to speak with obama. when you fact check romney on different sources on the web,
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most of the things he is saying only have a grain of truth in them. the president is going to have everybody's confidence that what he is saying is truthful. host: from florida, good evening. caller: i think america should go ahead and open their eyes up. the last three years have been terrible. we have no jobs. it is time for a change in washington. we need someone like romney because romney has the experience. he will create jobs, he will create 12 million jobs. he knows exactly what he is talking about. i think he is the man for the job. i reallyt's debate, feel that romney won the debate tonight.
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ronnie knows exactly what he is talking about. i feel that our next commander in chief should be running. host: thanks for the call. one you're saying that president obama was incredible tonight. one of the most googled and tweeted lummis was from the president as he referred to horses. here is part of that exchange from earlier tonight. >> first of all, the sequester is not something that i have proposed, it is something that congress has proposed and it will not happen. the budget and we talked about is not reducing military spending, it is maintaining. i think governor romney has not spent enough time looking at how the military works.
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you mentioned the navy, that we have fewer ships than 1916. we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. we have things called aircraft carriers were planes land on them. we have ships that go under water, nuclear submarines. the question is not a game of battleship, where we are counting ships. it is, what are our capabilities? when i sit down with the secretary of the navy and the joint chiefs of staff, we determine how we will be best able to meet all of our defense needs in a way that keeps faith with our troops, makes sure that our veterans have the kind of support that they need when they come home, and that is not reflected in the kind of budget that you're putting forward. it just does not work. host: lenora from alabama, good evening. caller: hi. i was leaning towards romney,
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but now, it seems like he agrees with everything obama says. why is even running for president? i do not understand. does he even know what he stands for? what he has been campaigning for for the past year? he is changing everything about what he has been saying? host: what moment tonight might have been the tipping point for you one way or the other? caller: there are so many. everything that obama said, he was like, i agree. i am like, if he agrees, what is his problem? what are you debating about? host: new york times out with an editorial that was produced just a few minutes ago, titled "the final debate."
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during the debate, ann romney sounded like he read from a history textbook and did not go much further than that. joining us next is olivia from ohio. caller: as a former congressional candidate, i was very happy to stand with romney on jobs. he knows that one of the main reasons we do not have as many new, small businesses in this country is not because we have people who do not want to do it, it is because those people cannot find credit to start new businesses. he knows that and he has been putting in programs so we can have more programming to help people start small businesses. the president is on the mark with that. i happen to be a veteran and i know what it takes about
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alternative energy. they are making new veteran programs for us to start new energy programs for wind, for solar. that is how a country becomes energy independent. i was never so proud of my president until he talked about his policies for making this country where we need to be and i stand with my president once again. host: when did you run for the house? caller: this last cycle. we lost by 1000 votes here in the 10th district of ohio. host: which includes what cities? caller: montgomery county, greene county, and the top half of fayette county, where at dayton-ohio is. host: that is where the president is going tomorrow.
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jerry is on the phone from illinois. caller: i was listening to the debate, expecting both to speak well. that is not what i am looking for. i was undecided until tonight. i want to get one of the two candidates that is going to say, who is going to take as to the next level? our country is in trouble. who is the most qualified to take our country out of trouble? at this time, i would believe it is romney. he is very successful in businesses. our country needs to go to the next level. president obama has had his shot. he failed. i am a disabled veteran and i am still waiting for things that happened. host: joshua is next from georgia. what is your comment on the debate tonight? what did you think? you are on the air. caller: i am undecided because
1:40 am
-- hello? host: we can hear you. please go ahead. caller: whenever politicians coming to the office, they allies. obama was asked, if he was poor, whenever he and his wife got married, he said no. he bought a condo for $265,000. romney was asked. he said he has never been from the poor. romney has told the truth. i do not keep up with this. that is just my theory. host: robert is joining us from new mexico. good evening to you. caller: i am calling to say that my name is robert from santa fe, new mexico. i am going to be an obama supporter.
1:41 am
i will tell you the reason why -- obama has his act together. he knows what he is doing. i have had my son in iraq, afghanistan, and egypt. romney does not know anything about what is going on in foreign countries really. i do know this from many other nationalities, that romney has a very large amount of property in mexico that he owns that he has people working there, stuff like that. but obama is going to be the best present that we have ever had. he did good, supported our troops, supported the veterans. he has not spoken anything about veterans whatsoever. as a member of the under guard, i am going to say this.
1:42 am
obama has worked for the veterans. host: john has this on our twitter page. another moment from the debate on the so-called apology tour as governor romney brought up, aimed at the president. >> we are four years closer to a nuclear iran. we are four years closer to a nuclear iran. we should not have wasted these four years to the extent that they continue to spin the centrifuges and get that much closer. the reason i call it an apology tour is because you went to the middle east, you flew to egypt, saudi arabia, turkey, and iraq. by the way, you skipped israel, our closest friend in the region. but you went to the other
1:43 am
nations. by the way, they noticed that he skipped israel. you said that america had been dismissive and derisive. that america had dictated other nations. mr. president, america has not dictated other nations. we have freed other nations from dictators. >> let me respond. if we are going to talk about trips that we have made, when i was a candidate for office, the first trip i took was to visit our troops. when i went to israel as a candidate, i did not take donors, i did not attend to fund-raisers, i went to the holocaust museum to remind myself the nature of evil and why our bond with israel will be unbreakable. then i went down to the border town which had experienced missiles raining down from hamas. i saw families there who showed
1:44 am
me where missiles would come down near their children's bedrooms. i was reminded of what that would mean if those were my kids, which is why we funded an iron dome program to stop those missiles. that is how i have used my travels. when i travel to israel and the region. the central question, at this point, is going to be, who is going to be credible to all parties involved? they can look at my track record, whether it is iran sanctions, dealing with counter- terrorism, supporting democracy, supporting women's rights, supporting religious minorities, and they can say that the president of the united states and the united states of america has stood on the right side of history. that kind of credibility is precisely why we have been able to show leadership on a wide range of issues facing the world
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right now. host: that excerpt from the debate and other experts available on as you watch and engage and share those excerpts, darrell is on the phone from missouri. your thoughts about the debate tonight? caller: i heard a lot of debating about what went wrong or what the other one did not do or what the other one would do. i go back to when president obama was elected. both houses, the congress and house of representatives, and he did not pass a budget, the thing he needed to to get the job done. that is why he ended up failing. i remember, in learning that, that we should keep the federal government out and let the states tackle a lot of these
1:46 am
things because these people are trying to benefit interest groups and some -- and things like that. the guy who lives next year is the guy you want handling your things. host: from alabama, and undecided voter. your thoughts. caller: i was wondering, maybe there is some information that can guide me to know the things the were spoken by each candidate, their factual relevance, the% of accuracy. host: you can check out one site that we use often, politifacts, a partnership with the tampa bay times. they keep track, in a very non- partisan way, of what was said tonight. they have various ways to measure whether or not it was a
1:47 am
true, and a half-truths, or, as they sometimes call it, a pants on fire fly. ruby cramer had this tweet. we will be covering the debate live on c-span. it will also be posted on our web site. martha is a supporter of the president from maryland. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am going to vote for president obama because i am one of the people who benefited from his obamacare medicare. my daughter when back to our medical insurance without paying one more penny. we engaged in a program that pays for a premium for medicare. we were able to keep our home with the loan modification
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program established by the president. not only that, watching this debate, it is very clear that governor romney is inconsistent. every time he was asked a question, he accused and tried to point out how bad this administration was doing. you are talking about the four years that obama is not doing anything, but he failed to mention that the disaster we engaged since the presidential office -- since the president took office was because of the previous administration. host: betty is on the phone from louisiana, supporter of governor romney. caller: i certainly do support governor romney because i am an elderly disabled lady on medicare. when he stripped medicare to
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institute obamacare, my doctor no longer wants to see me now. medicare does not pay him enough anymore for him to see me. here i am, i am out on a limb. that lim has been cut off underneath me. host: an undecided voter from maryland. kirk. caller: i believe it is hard for debates -- i watched them as much as possible. both candidates say enough to give you an idea of where they are coming from but not enough to give you a better understanding as far as i can relate. they talk about not having enough jobs in america. both candidates having to create jobs. they do not talking about the immigration or how many people
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we have in the country to sustain jobs. there is an undertone in the direction we are going. there are both talking about the things they need to change or what they're trying to say to the american people about the direction of the country. i would be more comfortable. i am a war veteran from iraq as well. i get a sense of socialism, if i might be able to say without offending anyone, at times. i am torn. we are the land of liberty and freedom and everybody has a right to their dreams. at the same time, i think the country should be governed in a certain way. if they give us more of an idea where they are coming from, i think things would be better. to be honest, i am undecided and
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i have no week -- i have no idea which way i'm going to go. host: based on what you're saying, no moment stood out in terms of swaying your decision one way or the other? caller: i have watched all three debates, looked at them several times, watched the reruns, and i think they're saying the same thing. the military, are want to go more to romney because of his support of the military. we should not have asked for money to have our military forces built up stronger. we are definitely a country that needs our military and we are living off our history, in my opinion. host: one of our viewers saying that as far as sequestration, the president missed an opportunity to link paul ryan, who voted for it.
1:52 am
next is robert, joining us from california, supporter of the president. good evening to you. caller: i am voting for obama. i would not vote for romney. i came back from vietnam and voted for nixon, to show you some of the directions i have been in. this man ran. he went to france to keep from fighting in the war. this man is a liar. he does not support it. he does not believe in this country. that is about it. host: from our facebook page, who won the debate? so far, 24,000 people saying that the president won, compared to mitt romney with 13,000. you can wade in and give us your unscientific survey based on these votes. a number of other surveys give
1:53 am
the edge to the president. cbs news giving its edge to the president. jonathan is on the phone from new mexico. caller: i just want to say that how can anybody not open their eyes? can anybody get a paycheck anymore? it seems like everybody is rich across this country. they are saying, obama is the best. how can you say that? every person that cause you right now probably gets $5 per hour and they're still saying that obama is the best. host: tomorrow morning, the president campaigning in florida. live coverage just after 10:00 eastern time. gov. mitt romney is on the campaign trail in a number of states. he will be in nevada tomorrow afternoon with his running mate, paul ryan. jay is on the phone from oregon.
1:54 am
good evening. caller: i was just one in to know, why would anybody believe what romney had to say? i was kind of going for him because he was a businessman, but then i find out that he is not a businessman, he is an investor. he makes money, big money, for the people who invest with him. he does that by getting rid of jobs. from the workers. you are making $15 an hour, he takes the job overseas and get somebody to do it for $7 per hour or $2 per hour and they keep all of the money, sell the company, and make hundreds of millions. host: in seven or eight minutes, a chance for you to watch the debate in its entirety on c- span. already on our web site at c-
1:55 am
span got bored. rudy -- at rudy from texas. turn down the volume on your television set and go ahead with your comment. caller: the people in pennsylvania, new york, and all of those cities, they have to wake up. during the first administration when 911 happened, the first thing was osama bin laden. instead of going for bin laden, he goes for saddam hussein. what did bush do? he puts a fence around the states. al qaeda coming in through canada. i am going to support our president right now. he got the job done with osama
1:56 am
bin laden. we are going to marry from texas. go ahead. caller: i am supporting romney because i believe he wants to get our america back, make it strong. we, the people, need to stand behind him. if you believe in america and america being strong and other people to look up -- to look up to us again, you need to get out and you need to vote. i watched all the debates and tonight, again, president obama seemed to down romney when he was talking. host: next, we have an undecided voter. go ahead with your comment. caller: i do not think people are ready for the world to be as big as it is. that is why they think the war
1:57 am
-- the economy is messed up. it is not the president's fault and it is not romney's fall. it is our fault. we did not think the world was going to get as big as it is. i do not think people should be down and out. we, as a people and community, we did not create america. we just live in it. we're just here to make it better. host: kim joining us from wisconsin, the hometown of paul ryan on the republican ticket. are you supporting the president? caller: yes. i cast my vote for president barack obama today. i am social security disability. it is not because i am a deadbeat or i feel i am entitled to it. i worked for 35 years and i am
1:58 am
struggling. i am not out of the whole -- out of the hole, but i have a lot of patriotic support for president obama. i think that governor romney is out for himself. i do not think that he is out to support the people. my vote went for president obama and i am proud of it. i also would like to say that something happened to romney -- does anybody want paul ryan as president? host: james has this point -- santa fe calif -- santa fe, california is our next caller. maria in support of governor romney.
1:59 am
caller: this is a matter of trust for me. when obama ran for office, the first thing he did was to work on obamacare and he completely blocked republicans from taking part. he did everything behind closed doors. to me, that is not the democratic process. when they talked to bill and printed it out and give it to the senate, the congress to read three hours before the were supposed to sign this, who can read a 3000-page bill and signed -- and they signed it anyway. the money that they pay the physicians is not enough. i am on medicare. my mother is on medicaid. it is harder trying to find a it is harder trying to find a doctor
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